Eurotunnel Go

Family road trips can be one of two things; the best time ever or that one time you wouldn't stop shooting cap guns in the car, so your Dad left you on the side of the road in the middle of the Badlands of South Dakota.

For me, I loved traveling cross country in search of some epic getaway, and with the lighter side of travel in mind, we created this wonderfully adventurous film for Eurotunnel.



Client: Eurotunnel
Agency: Drum

Directed By: Colin Hesterly
Production: Not To Scale
Producer: Lucy Morton-Hicks
Storyboard: Connie Chan
Art Direction: Gustaf Öhrnell
Character Design: Anna Bron, Colin Hesterly
Animation: Nathan Brenville, Chris Cray, Anna Garcia, Melanie Krein, Gideon Prins
Compositing: John Taylor
Score: Cyrille Marchesseau